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Insight in Alfa Laval Aalborg


Lotte Thorgaard Sørensen, Development Engineer, M.Sc. Engineering:
“The mission of Alfa Laval Aalborg is to provide reliable, innovative and optimal solutions
on the basis of world leading technology. In order to fulfil this mission a very inspiring
environment is created, where we as development engineers constantly are challenged
technically. We must be able to optimise our products and bring new types to the market,
e.g. new solutions to minimise emissions from the vessels. To work in project groups with
highly skilled colleagues with one common goal of bringing the best ideas to become
state-of-the-art products for our customers, is what makes Aalborg Industries an interesting
place to work.”

René Fich Jespersen, General Manager, B. Sc. Export Engineer :
“A mix of varied tasks, flexible working hours and a good social life is the right combination
of work values and a reality in my job at Alfa Laval Aalborg. As a General Manager
in a global company I have the opportunity to use my multicultural insight and customeroriented
approach combined with my technical understanding. There are great internal
career options in the company – if you want to be challenged, you have the opportunities.”

Martin Hansen, Guarantee Engineer:
I started as a trainee at Alfa Laval Aalborg and after my traineeship I got my first job as a service

engineer perfectly matching my educational and practical skills. The job included many challenges

worldwide where I could use my energy and goal-oriented approach. Now I work as a Guarantee

Engineer. Also in this position the rate of working is high and the ability to co-operate in an active and

multicultural work environment is essential.

Pia Rudbech, Technician, Adv. Dip. Mechanical Engineer:
“Alfa Laval Aalborg is a company where I am challenged professionally as well as personally.
Working with technical tasks regarding construction and design of products in a very
positive and constructive atmosphere is to me the perfect job. At Alfa Laval Aalborg I
found my career.“

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